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"Get Energized, Fit & Healthier"

Coach Joe Cullen says...."I listen and take the time to understand your personal goals and desires. My fitness and teaching methods are all very results-oriented. I motivate my clients and at the same time I am extremely patient. My programs are safe, fun, and tailored to achieve your specific goals. I am dedicated to improving and enriching the quality of your life".

"Everyone gets results, we guarantee it! Our Individual Training Sessions & Group Workshops are very popular and tailored to Children, Adults and Older Adults. Everyone enjoys themselves and learns how to live happier, healthier & more energized lives".

"The best part of my services is that I come to you!  Whether in your home, work or at your regular gym, I will come and bring all the necessary equipment to make the most out of your workout.  I commonly service clients located within the Lincoln Park, Old Town, Gold Coast, River North, and Streeterville Area of Chicago".

Coach Joe Cullen   Founder & Certified Personal Trainer

Coach Joe Cullen

Founder & Certified Personal Trainer

Why Hire Coach Joe?

  • He's Earned A Reputation of Dedication, Integrity, And Professionalism
  • His Clients Feel Extremely Comfortable And Enjoy Themselves
  • He's Focused On Building Stronger Minds & Bodies
  • His Training & Certification Programs Are Well-Designed & Customized
  • He's very "Results-Oriented"
  • He Offers a Variety of Personal Fitness Programs
  • YOU…. Are His Number #1 Priority!!!!